Happy New Year, libata hackers

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Well, another year has passed, and somehow the duct tape that keeps our hard drives together has remained intact. After a nice and refreshing holiday, I have a bunch of patches pending, that will probably take a week or two to sort through.

For 2.6.16, my main goals are getting irq-pio upstream and supporting iomap -- which will kill all those annoying warnings finally. And probably some EH work from Tejun will go in too. The suspend/resume stuff is shaping up nicely, and device hotplug work suddenly reappeared. Fun for all.

Port multiplier and NCQ (queueing) support are the two other big to-do items on the list.

I updated the hardware status report at

and will update the software status report in a week or two.

Everybody wants to play in the same sandbox, so please be patient as we sort it all out.

Cheers and happy new year,


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