Re: HPT372N Re: hpt366 driver oops or panic with HighPoint RocketRAID 1520SATA

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On Maw, 2005-12-27 at 02:19 -0500, Mitchell Laks wrote:
> to use as simple block devices for linux software raid purposes.   I thought 
> they were supported on Linux, because of highpoint web site and my previous 
> experience with highpoint pata controllers was ok.

Some are, although there are problems remaining in things like clock
timing and PLL stabilization. In addition the ide/pci/hpt366.c driver
never supported the SATA bridge variants of the chipsets at all. These
require certain modes are used.

What may work if the HPT card has the onboard BIOS enabled and fitted is
to compile in the generic IDE PCI driver, say N to the HPT driver and
boot with the option "all-generic-ide".

I've been working on a new HPT372N/302N driver for libata/SATA but it
isn't yet production ready and it also does not know about the SATA
bridge rules for that chip.

>  I tried to compile the hpt3xx-opensource-v2.0.tgz against latest stable 
> kernel After minor corrections   I have failure to compile their 
> driver due to  scsi_cmnd structure "has no member abort_reason".  Has their 
> been a change in scsi subsystem? 


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