Re: query_modules syscall gone? Any replacement?

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Okay, so, I have so far gathered:

- the whole module interface change between 2.4 and 2.6 was because some security concerns, most of the stuff (loading module etc.) moved towards kernel - query_module is gone, there is no syscall similar in function but with different name - losing of query_module also prevents binary-only modules ([email protected]) - /proc/modules and /sys/module interface doesn't by far supply what query_module could do
My questions are:
a) Are my observations correct? Where did I go wrong?
b) Is there any planned replacement of query_module, or extendind sysfs or procfs module interface? c) Wouldn't revamping query_module also allow binary-only modules, therefore easier decisions for vendors, whether to support Linux?
Thanks in advance and sorry for these probably quite silly questions.

 - iSteve
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