Re: Merging relayfs?

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Tom Zanussi wrote:
Roman Zippel writes:
 > Hi,
> > On Thu, 14 Jul 2005, Tom Zanussi wrote: > > > The netlink control channel seems to work very well, but I can
 > > certainly change the examples to use something different.  Could you
 > > suggest something?
> > It just looks like a complicated way to do an ioctl, a control file that > you can read/write would be a lot simpler and faster.
You're right - in previous versions, we did use ioctl - we ended up
using netlink as it seemed like least offensive option to most people.
I'll try modifying the example code to use a control file or something
like that instead though.
Having an ioctl() interface will definitely make things less
complicated. Are the older versions which use ioctl available off the
relayfs website?
I'm not quite sure if my opinion matters but I'd like to see relayfs
merged. To me it appears to be the quickest and cleanest way to export
trace data from the kernel to userspace.

Hareesh Nagarajan
-= Engineering Intern =-
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