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On Sunday 10 July 2005 16:42, Alan Stern wrote:
> > Beginning 2.6.12 my Wireless USB Mouse is not detected in the first
> > attempt - Meaning if I boot the machine with the mouse connected, it's
> > not detected until I disconnect the mouse and then reconnect it.
> That's not quite right.  Your log clearly shows the mouse was detected and
> assigned address 2.
Yeah, I shoud have worded it properly - kernel detects the device but it's 
unusable since the driver for it - USBHID wasn't loaded.
> >  It works fine after the disconnect-reconnect cycle. Looking at the
> > dmesg, it seems that at first time it forgets to register the hiddev
> > driver - mysteriously, it remembers the second time.
> Exactly.  The hiddev driver wasn't loaded the first time, which makes this
> sound like some sort of hotplug failure.  Are your hotplug and udev
> packages up to date?
I hadn't changed anything (except for the system board which failed recently) 
and it used to work fine - So I didnt suspect hotplug to be the culprit - 
another reason for not considering hotplug was it worked the second time with 
identical setup.

What's funny - I rebuilt hotplug - same version - and it works now! Probably 
it was failing for some reason the first time.


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