Re: [swsusp] encrypt suspend data for easy wiping

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> >>>To prevent data gathering from swap after resume you can encrypt the
> >>>suspend image with a temporary key that is deleted on resume. Note
> >>>that the temporary key is stored unencrypted on disk while the system
> >>>is suspended... still it means that saved data are wiped from disk
> >>>during resume by simply overwritting the key.
> >>
> >>hm, how useful is that?  swap can still contain sensitive userspace
> >>stuff.
> >
> >At least userspace has chance to mark *really* sensitive stuff as
> >unswappable. Unfortunately that does not work against swsusp :-(.
> >
> >[BTW... I was thinking about just generating random key on swapon, and
> >using it, so that data in swap is garbage after reboot; no userspace
> >changes needed. What do you think?]
> I (and many others) are doing it already in userspace. Don't you know 
> about dm-crypt? I think the idea is described in its docs or wiki...

I could not find anything in device-mapper/*; do you have pointer to
docs or wiki?

teflon -- maybe it is a trademark, but it should not be.
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