Re: "why is my Linux so damn slow?"

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On 02/12/2011 07:53 AM, M. Fioretti wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 12, 2011 15:25:54 PM +0000, Alan Cox ([email protected]) wrote:
>> There are lots of other things it could be, unfortunately you've not
>> provided any really useful information on the machine, you've not
>> provided any dumps of stuff that would be useful
> I have now, in comments to the article. I certainly did not expect to
> get the complete answer in one step (as I wrote at the end of that
> page), I wrote everything I thought useful in that page. And I had put
> "little details like which X server is being run" in that page since
> the beginning, in the form I thought it could be enough, ie attaching
> the installed RPM packages. And I also _acknowledged_ right there that
> it couldn't be enough "so please tell me what other inputs do you
> need, thanks".
>> On an 8GB box with Intel onboard video even Gnome is usable so
>> something is definitely wrong in your specific setup
> exactly my point :-) I am sure a big part of the problem is
> Firefox+Flash, but can that be the WHOLE problem? As I wrote in the
> article, it's not like killing Firefox (while it does improve things)
> solves everything.
> Dmesg output is pasted below. Boot, reboot or not it makes no
> difference. let it go ten minutes, and it starts behaving like
> that.
> Thanks again for your quick support! Just ask for more tests if
> needed.
> Marco
> .....Snip......
I am on F13, with latest updates as of yeaterday.
Even when load fact is 0.3 or 0.5,  opening most gui applications
takes up to 30 seconds and on some occasions, a little more.
Applications like OpenOffice, ktorrent, Seamonkey, Amarok...etc.
Laptop has 7200 rpm drive (ext3 fs), 2GB ram.
This is the case even right after booting.
I do recall that things were noticeably quicker to start on much
older redhat releases, like redhat 3.0, and even on linux'es prior
to redhat.
But then the GUI apps at that time might not have been so incredibly bloated
as they are today.
For an amusing commentary in song, watch

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