Re: help, (Fedora 8 is no longer supported)

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On 01/29/2010 01:14 AM, n2xssvv.g02gfr12930 wrote:
> On 01/28/2010 08:24 AM, Prabhakar Pandey wrote:
>> i have recently installed fedora-8 together with windows vista.
>> i hav some problems in fedora .
>> 1. my time is not showing correctly in fedora as i try to change it the
>> time in vista is changed.
Check that Vista and Fedora agree on the timezone and daylight-savings 
If you wish, you can disable the "clock uses UNC" setting for the time 
in Fedora.

Simplest solution is to enable NTP (network time) in both Vista and Fedora.
(You can Google on how)

>> 2. Software Updater isn't working correctly . as i try to use it it
>> hangs and i am unbale to do anything .
You need to post more detail for anyone to help accurately.
My best guess is:
1. You don't have an internet conenction
Solution: connect to the internet first

2. your machine is behind a proxy
Solution: set the proxy variable in the yum config file, or set the 
HTTP_PROXY... variables in your environment

>> 3. how do i install movie player and other media players in fedora .
Yum is a good way.
(Your question is very vague. What part of installing a movie player is 
causing you problems?)
Google will have information on the multiple players available, how to 
install and configure them, and how to get codecs so you can decode 
content such as MPEG, DVD, DivX, etc.

>> 4. how can i configure yum in fedora -8.
Edit /etc/yum.conf

>> thanks
You're welcome.

There is a difference between asking for help, and asking others to do 
everything for you.

When asking for help, a person has already tried to accomplish the task, 
has therefore found where they are having trouble, and can therefore ask 
specific questions for answers that will enable them to progress.

When asking someone else to do everything for them, a person usually 
asks very general questions because they haven't yet tried to solve the 
problem themselves.


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