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On 01/14/2010 10:34 AM, Enrico Indiogine wrote:
> Hi Armelius!
> 2010/1/14 Armelius Cameron <[email protected]>:
>> I have a fresh installed F12 on my machine. For some reason, the
>> NetworkManager always prefer to connect to Wireless network rather than to
>> using the ethernet connected cable (System Eth0). Even when before turning on
>> the machine, I already plug in the ethernet cable, after logging in to KDE the
>> NetworkManager still picks the wireless connection. I have to manually
>> disconnect from wireless, and choose System Eth0 everytime to use the
>> ethernet.
> I have a HP G60-535DX and both wireless and ethernet are on by
> default.  I have to manually uncheck the wireless button with
> NetworkManager applet.  This seems to be the same problem that you
> have.
> I have to install the compat-wireless driver.  I will see what happens
> after that.
> Enrico
Before you go crazy with this stuff, check your routing table and see
where the default route is going. Just type 'route' at the command
prompt. If the default route is pointing to the wired connection, then
don't be concerned. These days, Network Manager will enable both
interfaces by default.

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