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> For some reason, I can only SCP files off my new NAS, not to it.
> I've tried both using it as a server and as a client with same result.

> When sending a file to it from another computer, scp reports a certain amount transferred (1.9M) and then immediately stalls. The target file > stays 0-bytes in length. When trying to "download" a file from another computer, scp reports 0 bytes transferred.

> Other download commands (e.g. yum update) work just fine.

> arch: x86_64

> P.S. The install in question is F12, but since it's 1 day away from release, I'm asking here.

I've had scp transfers stall midway if Auto-Negotiation is disabled on
the network interface. Check if that is the case with -
$ sudo ethtool eth0   (or whatever interface you are using)

Look for a line saying "Auto-Negotiation: On". If not found, enable it with -
$ sudo ethtool -s eth0 autoneg on

Shantanu Joshi

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