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2009/10/1 Dave Cross <[email protected]>:
> Yesterday I installed OpenOffice on this (new, but completely updated)
> Fedora 11 system. I installed it from the standard Fedora repositories
> using yum. Dozens of RPMs were downloaded and installed. But
> something, somewhere is not right.
> I first realised there was a problem when I double-clicked on
> attachments in email and nothing happened. I then tried starting the
> apps from the menu, but still nothing happened. When trying to run
> ooffice from the command line, I see the following:
> $ ooffice
> /usr/lib/openoffice.org3/program/soffice: line 129: 28286 Bus error
> "$sd_prog/$sd_binary" "[email protected]"
> The five digit number varies each time I try it.
> I'm at rather a loss as to where I can start to track down this
> problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?

In case it's useful to anyone else, here's what finally fixed it.

I did a "yum update" this morning and noticed some errors.

  /sbin/ldconfig: file /usr/lib/ is truncated

That file is part of libicu, so I ran "yum reinstall libicu". And now
everything seems to be working fine.

I still have no idea a) what caused this truncation or b) why that
caused my problem. But anyway, it's fixed now. So I'm happy.



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