Re: Help: F11 anaconda doesn't see my hard drives

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Sam Varshavchik wrote:

> See above. I can see the bloody drives just fine, from the shell on ALT-F2.

Probably something different, but with an older Fedora (5?) I discovered
that anaconda refuses to run RAID-1 arrays if they are in degraded mode.

In my case I had a 5 disk RAID-1 root partition and I smartly decided
to remove one of the disks from the array so to have an unchanged disk
in case a I wanted to revert the upgrade.
Anaconda refused to detect the "degraded" array. 4 disk in RAID-1 is not
exactly degraded, I would say... :-)
I had to "grow" the array from 5 disks to 4.

I have no idea if this still applies.

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