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Roberto Ragusa wrote:
Robert L Cochran wrote:
Arduino software (from ) needs the Sun Java
version to run properly. This is what the Java alternatives system is
for. You can install the Sun JDK yourself and add it to the alternatives
and then make it your default Java system.
Assuming one wants to install the Sun Java stuff for some reason,
is it advisable to use the rpm from or to rebuild the .nosrc.rpm
from jpackage?

I seem to remember that the .nosrc.rpm was considered superior from a
good-integration-in-Fedora point of view (paths, alternatives,...).

Am I wrong?

Jpackage one is the one to use as Sun's rpm according to my info isn't compatible with redhat/fedora (from what I have read haven't tested myself). Problem with jpackage is that they are exrtremely slow at updating when new version of jdk comes out so you just have to hope that no one exploits the security problems in old one before they get around updating.
Depending on the use case I could even recommend to just install it to
opt without rpm and update alternatives to point in there by hand. This
way you can update new version right away when Sun releases it. (Use
case being that you don't use any packages which depend on java-rpm)

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