Re: Accessing A Fedora 7 Box FROM The Net

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[email protected] wrote:
> I have a F7 server that has been working perfectly as far as getting
> people out into the net.
> But recently, I have needed the capability to access the server FROM
> the net.

Fedora 7 is no longer supported and no longer gets any updates including
security updates (!), so using it as a server is just asking the next
script kiddie around you to break into your machine. Please upgrade to
Fedora 10 (not Fedora 9 as that is going to stop getting updates less than
2 months from now) NOW.

Fedora is not a "fire and forget" distribution, you MUST upgrade at least
once a year. If that's not OK for you, use CentOS, not Fedora.

        Kevin Kofler

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