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Dan Track wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I've written a simple for loop see below:
> for i in orion earth;do scp /etc/hosts /etc;done
> I have a small scripting knowledge so would appreciate some help. What
> I'd like to do is somehow change the above so that the script prompts
> me for a password and when I give the script the password it will use
> it to auto-reply to any password promtps that scp asks for when
> logging into all the servers. If I am right I believe readline needs
> to be used. If it can't be done in bash can you give me a perl
> alternative please.
> Thanks for your help.
> Dan
You are not giving scp a host to connect to, so you are in effect
coping /etc/hosts on the local machine to /etc/hosts on the local
machine. Try something like:

for i in orion earth ; do scp /etc/hosts $i:/etc/hosts ; done

I tend to be conservative, and specify the entire file name for the
target. It isn't required in this case, but I like to play it safe.
In order for this to work, you need to have your public key in
/root/.gnupg on the target machines. You have to have the key
unlocked, or not have a pass phrase. The script also has to be run
as root.

If you want to run the script as a normal user, you can use:

for i in orion earth ; do scp /etc/hosts [email protected]$i:/etc/hosts ; done


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