Re: PackageKit run scheduling?

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On Wed, 22 Apr 2009 18:31:01 +0100, Richard Hughes wrote:
>> Is there a way to control when PackageKit runs?  I'd like to schedule
>> it to download and install all updates at 3 AM, every night.
> There's not yet a "time" option, although that would be a valid feature
> request. Such a time option begs the question about secondary policy,
> like what to do if the user specifies updates should be installed at 5AM
> and then goes to bed early for two weeks.
>> Alternatively, how do I disable PackageKit entirely?
> System -> Preferences -> Software updates, although I would prefer you
> help us fix the problem, rather than taking that option :-)

	Not to be contentious, but because I want to know if I'm missing 
anything : what is the benefit of running PackageKit, rather than "yum 
clean all" followed by "yum update" at *my* convenience daily? 

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