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Jonathan Underwood wrote:
2008/9/4 Mark Haney <[email protected]>:
I'm at my wits end here.  I've googled and looked and tried and can't find a
decent scanning application anywhere.  Back in the F8 days I ran kooka and
it was awesome.  Problem is, it's not actively maintained and isn't in KDE4.
 They do have a new scan app called skanlite, but I"ve not found it in
Fedora 9 repos (although it's possibly in a larger package like Kooka was).

So, what decent scanning apps are out there?  I tried Gnomescan.  It sucked.
There's no way to add a scanner device to it that I could see. I was going
to go with Xsane, but wasn't sure about it.

If I have to, I'll rebuild kooka for F9, but surely there's a scanning app
in linux that is active and doesn't suck, right?
What's wrong with xsane? Works for me.


Well, after not finding any decent recommendations for simple apps, I
figured I'd go with it. No go. I get 'no devices found' and no way to
configure mine. It's pitiful really.

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