Re: pulseaudio, howto make it work?

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On Sun, 2008-08-24 at 01:21 -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:

> And now, even samba seems to have failed, with ubuntu apparently using an 
> incompatible version.  I was backing up the kubuntu's machines /home 
> directory with amanda, but I never got around to rebuilding the amanda client 
> after finding the hard way that that particular machine apparently cannot 
> tolerate 2 pata hard drives, it seemed to like to trash the filesystems on 
> both in a week, but with just one drive it runs for years.
samba has made a lot of changes from 3.0.23 to current and has broken
many setups because they are getting tighter integration into Windows
and have disrupted a lot of marginal setups.

as far as amanda and pata drives...I wouldn't know because I stopped
using amanda (though I liked it) in favor of bacula.
> I did have nfs running between them, for about a week, but local weather 
> created a power failure that outlasted both UPS's, and that hasn't worked 
> since the reboots.  And typical of nfs when it fails, no error msg, it just 
> doesn't mount.
the errors can be cryptic - usually a stale mount and a 
'umount -l -f /path/to/nfs/mount && mount /path/to/nfs/mount'
should fix this.

> >I would like to state for the record that like Rex, I have many, many
> >systems running with pulseaudio and no problems.
> >
> >Craig
> And how many of those involve using the motherboard, a generally simple audio 
> system for something like skype, and a real audio card (if indeed one can 
> call an Audigy2 Value (SBO400, driven by emu10k1) a real audio card, but at 
> least it is not a winmodem) for all other system sound duties, each to be 
> totally isolated from the other?
> If you do have such a setup, please share how you did it.  Show *me* the .conf 
> files that achieve that.  Examples are worth 10k words (inflation) you know.
to be honest...I've never fooled with pulseaudio configurations at all
and know very little about just works. Sorry for my blissful


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