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On Thu, 2008-05-15 at 18:16 +0300, Gilboa Davara wrote:
> The start move->stop move is counter-intuitive.
> I cannot remove the zoom applet. (KDE #154535)
> GNOME tray icons appear get corrupted. (KDE #155381)
> Logout/Shutdown/etc under Leave/kick-off must be selected twice. (Fedora
> #441260)
> Panel resizing breaks more-or-less everything. (KDE #158762).
> Beyond that:
> The new kick-off menu is... @#%^@#$^@#^@#@#!!!~#!% and the classic menu
> is far too spartan.
> I cannot modify the dock's lock and feel. (Fix should land in rawhide
> any time now - though AFAIK, transparency is not supported)
> Beyond that, I've got a heavily customized KDE 3.5.9 desktop: komposite,
> transparency, icons, kwin rules, etc. For now, for -me-, KDE4 just
> doesn't offer any killer feature that makes it worth while.

Bad piglish day. Sorry.

- Gilboa

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