Re: Fedora's Official stand on qmail

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any chance to have inter7 vpopmail included too

Donald Reader wrote:
Fedora List

I have been doing research on qmail and the licensing that it is under
and have found out that Dan Bernstein has put qmail into the public
domain as is stated at and
what I would think is his official statement posted at Now between the two pages I am not sure this covers all versions or just the one version.
Now the real question is since it is public domain as stated on those
pages what is fedora's official stand on qmail and is there a
possibility of Fedora including a qmail package in the future.

I am not asking which is a better mail package or server just what kind
of issues there may be that would possibly prevent Fedora from including
qmail in their distributions.

Any and All comments are welcome
Donald Reader

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