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On Mon, 18 Feb 2008, Timothy Murphy wrote:

> Bill Davidsen wrote:
> >> | Are there any clear instructions anywhere
> >> | explaining how to get Fedora re-spins with jigdo?
> >
> > Just a note, in case you miss it, jigdo is an update tool, not a good
> > way to pull a whole ISO image. Start with the base ISO and go from
> > there, rather than just pulling everything.
> As the OP, I read the instructions above.
> I couldn't apply them directly, as I don't have a Fedora DVD -
> I have the ISO in an NFS-mounted directory,
> and it wasn't entirely clear to me if one could substitute
> a hard disk ISO for the CD.
> If this is possible, maybe it is worth adding
> a brief explanation to the instructions.

you can supply to jigdo an arbitrary number of directory locations
where it can go looking for packages.  the directory location for a
mounted DVD is just the most common one, but you're not limited to

if you have an ISO image, i imagine you simply need to mount it first
-- i don't think you can refer to just the ISO image itself.


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