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On Sunday 09 December 2007 2:05:13 am Frank Cox wrote:
> I use kalarm a lot.  You could say that I depend on it to remind me to do
> everything -- feeding the fish, special movie screening times, sending out
> invoices, you-name-it.  It's a dandy program, indeed.
> However, it's starting day of the week is always Monday.  When you are
> creating a new alarm and click on the "At date/time" drop-down, the little
> calendar that pops up has Monday in the left-most column.
> Is it possible to tell kalarm that the first day of the week is Sunday? 
> That way the little calendar would match the other calendars that I have
> (both on paper and on the computer).
> --
> MELVILLE THEATRE ~ Melville Sask ~

Start at the KDE Control Center. Then pick "Regional and Accessibility",
Country, "Time and Dates" and, finally, "First Day of Week".

-- cmg

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