Re: pcspkr module not automatically loaded with 2.6.22 kernel

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Andre Robatino (arobatino) wrote:
The pcspkr module is not automatically loaded anymore with the 2.6.22
module, though I can load it manually with "modprobe pcspkr".  I
filed the following as a kernel bug: [1]

and noted that in the kernel update announcement was the following,
which I don't understand:

* Thu Jul 12 2007 Dave Jones - Replace the pcspkr private PIT lock by the global PIT lock to
  serialize the PIT access all over the place.

Was the kernel the right component to file this under, or does some
other package need to be modified to interact correctly with the



PIT is programmable interval timer and is the clocking H/W that provides timing to the PC Speaker, among other things.
I suspect that moving the code that locks the device for a specific
user/use out of the pcspkr driver generalizes PIT locking for all users
of the device not just the pcspkr driver. I doubt it had anything to do
with the module not being loaded after the kernel update.
What other packages were updated before you noticed the problem. Might
be something to do with kudzu.

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