Re: Problems with WPA2/AES and Broadcom BCM4318 (AirForce One 54g)

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Hello Karl,

On Sun, 08 Jul 2007, Karl Larsen wrote:
>    I know your hardware and laptop. I didn't follow at all how you figured 
> out which Linux kernel module to use with the hardware. If you can make 
> that more clear it will help. Have you considered using NetworkManager? It 
> seems to be quite good. If you can clear up the module question I want to 
> put your setup in my paper on doing this. looks like you're not within the range of users where I was
expecting an answer from (friendly said). You don't know what a kill switch
is, you don't know what NetworkManager really does and you don't know WLAN
at all as deep as needed. This doesn't matter, we all (except some gurus
maybe) started as guys, knowing nothing or less - but please avoid to blow
my simple question up like you're currently doing. 

For the time beeing or getting more experienced, you maybe can have a look
to to get
what NetworkManager really is.

The default module bcm43xx-mac80211 didn't bring any success to me, so the
logical way was to search for a solution which was ndiswrapper. Finally the
WPA2/AES doesn't work. Alexander Dalloz suggested me to use proto=WPA and
pairwise/group=CCMP, but as far as I remember, I already tried this today
and brought no success - I'll retry today to be sure.

Are there common problems regarding WPA2/AES and ndiswrapper? When googling
for it, I only found less information regarding WPA2/AES/CCMP and even less
in combination with ndiswrapper.


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