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Mark Haney wrote:
The SPEC files and tarballs need to be in /usr/src/redhat/SPECS and
/usr/src/redhat/BUILD (I think) in order to build properly.  You might
get away with having it in other locations, but I like following the
normal conventions for that.
Tbh Mark, assuming you're using root to build in those locations, it's 
very easy for a badly written SPEC or even simply a mistake in the SPEC, 
to dump files on your system during the build process causing all sorts 
of havoc. Building as an ordinary user is very simple. Install 
rpmdevtools from the repo and simply run 'fedora-buildrpmtree' as the 
user you wish to use and it'll create the structure needed under the 
directory rpmbuild in your homespace. You can then build rpms as the 
ordinary user and even rpm -ivh src rpms.
Ian Chapman.

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