Re: OT Action Computer games

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On 4/22/07, Steve Searle <[email protected]> wrote:

I'll no doubt attract the odd flame, but to be honest in these
circumstances I think he would be better with a MS Windows PC.  The
games that his peers will be playing, and that he will probably want to
play are just not available for GNU/Linux.

You can always set the PC up as a duel boot PC, and encourage him to use
GNU/Linux for other activities.  I did that for my son's - the elder now
in his early 20s uses GNU/Linux for development, etc., and my 10 year
old likes to use it for web browsing and "messing about on", but both
revert to MS Windows for most games (as do I).
I wonder how Windows via KVM would fare as a substitute for dual boot
(assuming of course a processor with virtualization capabilities,
which is not a problem these days, and a working graphics card driver,
which is).


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