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On Saturday 14 April 2007, Anne Wilson wrote:
>On Saturday 14 April 2007, Ed Greshko wrote:
>> Anne Wilson wrote:
>> > What I'd like to see on gmail is the ability to set an expiry rate -
>> > delete everything older than 6 months.  It's a real pain trying to do
>> > this by hand when you subscribe to several lists.  It's thousands to go,
>> > and you can only do it one page at a time.  Grrr...
>> If you use thunderbird and pop3 with gmail you can use the check box for
>> "leave mail on server" and specify how many days.  Then tbird will do the
>> delete on the server for you.  I suspect evilution has the similar
>> settings.
>I don't think it's possible to do such a thing with fetchmail.

Auto delete downloaded messages on gmail with a fetchmail sucker?  I *think* I 
am, but I see the man page says I need to set an option.

-K | --nokeep
              (Keyword: nokeep) Delete retrieved messages from the remote 
mailserver.  This option forces retrieved mail to
              be  deleted.   It may be useful if you have specified a default 
of keep in your .fetchmailrc.  This option is
              forced on with ETRN and ODMR.

Cheers, Gene
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