Re: Honey I blew up the USB ports

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On Wed, 2006-12-20 at 16:40 -0500, Joe Smith wrote:
> I plugged my USB memory stick in the other night, and instantly froze my 
> FC5 system. I mean bang--dead.
> The reboot went fine, journals all recovered fine (Nice!), but the 
> system no longer responds to any device plugged in. No kernel messages 
> at all. The stick still works in other computers, and the ports still 
> don't work if I reboot into that other OS, so it sure looks like my USB 
> ports are gone.
> All the kernel messages on bootup look ok, same as usual, no errors.
> Anyone else have this happen?
> Anything else I might try?
> Anything I should look for when buying an add-on card?
> <Joe
If the ports are on a bus board, check that it is seated well.  I have
had boards that would lift when plugging thing in and out, making them
fail to work.  If that is good, check that the supply hasn't died.  The
+5 is used for USB output.  Some boards also have a fuse on the board.
It may have blown.

Les H

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