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On 12/14/06, Jim Cornette <[email protected]> wrote:
Mike Chalmers wrote:
> Thought I would let Fedora know that after a clean installation (don't
> know about upgrade) reboot, my system hangs. The screen goes black
> right when it reboots and hangs. It won't let me restart, or turn my
> computer off. So I cut my power supply off and then turned it back on
> the power supply kept running, which is unusual, and the screen stayed
> black, did that again, and the same thing happened. Eventually turned
> the main power supply (with a battery, that powers my whole system,
> and protects it from electrical surge) and cut it back on. Then turned
> my power supply on and the computer finally cut on.
> The reason I don't like this is because it could have shot my BIOS, I
> think, not sure though.
> Kind Regards,
> Preston

If you have a battery backup, it is to be expected. Turning off the
battery backup should not have the ability to kill your BIOS. It
probably left you with an unclean shutdown which hopefully the system
recovered from.

What video card are you using?
What sort of display are you using?
Did you have this trouble with windows also?

Other thoughts withheld.

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Plextor PX504A DVD drive, and an Antec 550 watt power supply.

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