Re: rtld(GNU_HASH)

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Jim Cornette wrote:
Hadders wrote:
Hi all,
 I need this package to install kpartx and update my dmraid.

However, I have no idea what it belongs to?

I'm running FC5.

Thanks for any help.  Hadders

If I recall, that output is for packages that work for FC6 and above. I
cannot remember if this output is for libs or for newer versions of rpm.
Vaguely, it is a combination of factors improved for FC6.
I got this error when trying to install xscreensaver from
extras-development on an FC5 install. The link below is my mail in
archive. Explanations should follow-up the topic.

Forgot the link to the thread.

But if the package is available for FC5 via a repository, you need not worry about upgrading to FC6 just yet. The package that you are attempting to install is for newwe Linux distributions though.

Windows: XT emulator for an Pentium.

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