Re: [OT] Protest the Novell-Microsoft Agreement - Sign Bruce Perens petition

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I expect he's right on top of that, it would be out of character for Bruce
if he got lax on that.  The question is, is he the host, or is it some
ISP equ to a box house thats hosting it?  I haven't look the site up in
whois myself, that may answer any doubts.
Personally I wouldn't weight in because I do not know enough on the
topic to take a firm position on it.  And I do not have the time to
read the amount of information I'd need to read to feel I was at that
point.  Some however will no doubt throw their name on a petition
without truly understanding what they are supporting.  Others
certainly do and there is merit in their position.  Hence why I (and
I'm sure others) take these petition (electronic or otherwise) with a
grain of salt.

On the other note I immediately thought of the same thing, who owns
this site?  A whois comes back to

<snip of $whois>
Admin Name:Domain Administrator
Admin Organization:Computer ID
Admin Street1:1563 Solano Ave.
Admin Street2:PMB 349
Admin City:Berkeley
Admin State/Province:California
Admin Country:US

Is that Bruce Perens' (I have to say I am one of those who did not
know him) web site?  The whois doesn't indicate that.  I went to
wikipedia as suggested and found some info on him, including his web
site (assuming we can rely on that info) and a few other sites he has.
In quickly checking those I did not find that petition. One would
expect that if he had such a significant petition drafted up that at
minimum he'd link to it from his opening page on his web site.  I
didn't note that (did I simply miss it?).

And even if it is his petition, as pointed out if he is not the one
controling the site (hence what is done with the data collected), then
you cannot use his reputation to assertain how your personal/private
data will be handled.

The process implemented is to try to give credibility to the #s being
produce (I am assuming/best guessing that to be the reason for
collecting that private data in order to sign the petition).  That's
not a bad thing.

Please yourself.  Personally I sign no petition that I do not feel I
possess the knowledge necessary to adequately defend the petition's
position in a debate.  And the issue of handling of my
personal/private information collected in the process of voicing my
opinion is obviously another concern.

So sign it, or don't.  But if you do make sure you are knowledgeable
enough to defend the petition's position.  Otherwise it negatively
impacts the value of every signature on it.  "If this person signed it
without really knowing what they were signing, how many other names on
this petition are in the same boat?"  The comments left by those
signing can certainly shed light on a person's true knowledge of the
issue being debated.

Signatures from the uninformed with comments demonstrating that
person's true lack of knowledge on issues surrounding a petition would
certainly present to the other side all kinds of ammunition to
discredit the petition as a whole.

And good show of etiquette for labeling the subject line of this [OT].
Much appreciated by those on this list I am certain.

Jacques B.

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