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Tod Merley schreef:
> On 8/23/06, David Desscan <[email protected]> wrote:
>> A very good idea.  I think the first thing to is to search for existing
>> tools. This is surely the first thing you thought of ;-). We don't
>> have to
>> reinvent the wheel but to improve or add new features or even writing new
>> applications from scratch.  I like the idea of something like a Swiss
>> Army
>> Knife.  We have very handy Swiss Army knives here and some of them
>> come with
>> a lot of  tools which can be useful in whatever situation. Anyway
>> whatever
>> the name you give it should serve its purpose.  Well for bad HW, I am
>> thinking of a Linux embedded diagnostic board.  What about if the first
>> sector of a HDD is damaged.  Is it possible to make the read/write heads
>> start reading from another position on the disk?  This might be possible
>> with Assembly language programming.  There are a lot of nifty tool
>> like that
>> which can be part of this recovery set.  I think we have a lot of data
>> recovery tools out there.
>> (hardware)
>> (refer to crash
>> recovery)
>> (first thing I'll do is backup my user and configuration data)
>> What about putting autonomic computing features in Linux e.g. would be
>> Nitix
>> Ok the list could grow longer and longer but I like the idea and am
>> willing
>> to help.
>> Good Luck Tod
>> David
>> On 8/23/06, Tod Merley <[email protected]> wrote:
>> >
>> Hi All!
>> I would like to start a project (OK, perhaps there is already one
>> ongoing, if so, I would like to know about it) dedicated to recovery
>> from a system crash (broken X, bad HW, anything making the machine
>> non-functional).  I am thinking of first a set of applications which
>> gather information about the running system (or what one should look
>> like when it is running)(HW list, SW list, Boot sector copy, config
>> files, critical files md5s, results of lspci, lsmod, "normal" log
>> files (/var/log) etc....  Then a set of applications designed to go in
>> (not booting from the crippled system) and gather the same sorts of
>> information for comparison and understanding the problem now crippling
>> the computer in the shop.  And then a set of applications which fix,
>> flag, or tell the owner the bad news determined about the problem
>> computer.
>> Perhaps the process could make for the developers a standard "Crash
>> Cart Packet" consisting of parts of the logs and command results
>> (maybe an X-packet, Kernel-packet, Audio-packet, etc).
>> Well, that is it.  Just an idea.
>> I really do not know how to start or be part of such a thing.  I guess
>> I will follow those before me and send an e-mail.
>> If interested in the motivation - read on:
>> Last night I wrote an e-mail to a gentleman who lost some computers.
>> He thought it might be FC5 (He was doing a fresh install or upgrade).
>> I have seen several on the lists needing crash help.
>> I also responded to another gentleman who was experiencing an
>> "updated" Xorg which broke (no GUI!!).  I encouraged him to copy some
>> of the basic log files and help us all heal from our very human
>> tendency to break things.
>> Today I woke up, pressed the on button on my computer, got a cup of
>> coffee, and came back to an ncurses error screen partially obscured by
>> an exit to a prompt.  My silly old video card already has some
>> irritations with X/Dapper (hash on the screen after monitor has put
>> itself to sleep) so my prompt was without cursor and the screen was
>> changing colors as I went (I think part of the ncurses applet was
>> still running somehow along with the shell).
>> I thought I had swallowed a bug!
>> However when Puppy and then Dapper Live booted - xorg.conf the same
>> but the Xorg binary of very recent date - I remembered the problems I
>> commented on and replaced my Xorg from the live CD and was happy.
>> Please let me know if there is interest!
>> Thanks!
>> Tod
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> Hi David!
> I did not think of what others had done "first thing".  I think I
> simply saw my heart had made a decision.
> I did look a bit at what other's had done and yes there are some
> possible "pieces" there.  I believe I am building a system.
> Your embedded idea is cool.  I do note that Grub does have a fallback
> option where   if boot fails from one place it can use the fallback
> choice, and BIOS already gives boot several options which could be
> made "hot".  Still, if the MBR is bad, or if the CPU or main Kernel
> are bad it would take a separate device to have the brains to know how
> to phone home or go to the haven.
> How are your scripting skills?  My first idea (little project) is to
> make a simple script which copies the critical log files from /var/log
> (after seeing if they will fit on the reception media chosen and
> making decisions about how to handle the situation if they are not).
> I am a beginner in scripting.  Still, I will start tonight.
> Gotta go to work now.  I will type to you later.
> Good Building!
> Tod
i'm always trying out new things and i (probably) have a phd in system
destruction :)
Keep me posted on the progress as i'm willing to test the tools you come
up with

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