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> On Sunday 02 April 2006 19:46, Dan Thurman wrote:
>> What I was actually looking for in retrospect, was
>> that I wanted to setup rule based filtering so that
>> when a message arrives inbound, the rule-based filters
>> would route the messages to the proper in-house email
>> server and yet intermally to the email server in particular
>> to deliver the message to the proper user defined email
>> folders using the IMAP structure.
> that would be an MTA function IMHO.
> i.e. something like postifx/sendmail/exim would re-route mail on receipt
> to the relevant internal server (which also need an MTA running on it
> and listening for connections)
>> As I have it right now, I have exchange as my main central
>> email repository and I have to have at least one of my Outlook
>> email clients open (i.e. running) so that when it pop's messages
>> (IMAP or POP) from a remote email server, the user-defined rules
>> examines the message headers and moves the message(s) to the
>> user defined email folders for better management/organization
>> of thousands of messages received inbound.
>> Is there something like this available for Fedora (linux) so that
>> I can be weaned away from depending solely on Exchange?
>> Anyone care to comment?
> server-side filtering?
> yes. We can do that.
> Three things spring to mind immediately
> procmail
> maildrop (not shipped with RH IIRC - part of the courier MTA) and
> sieve (part of cyrus IIRC, not yet compatible with dovecot/postfix.
> Unless you want to roll you own from CVS)
> all do this kind of thing. But mostly require users to write their own
> rules in language that will look very cryptic to beginners.
> as for client integration, well that's a whole different kettle of fish.
> All three of these use their own filtering 'language' but can be driven
> by web-based frontends.
> Having said that, I have had several different mail clients doing
> client-side filtering on IMAP folders. I have no idea if Outlook can do
> this with a non-exchange server. I would hope so.
> Many linux-based clients can.
> Regards
> Stuart
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Sieve works with Cyrus, filtering does well, you can also redirect e-mail
to another mail account (was another issue above). Sieve is very strong in
filtering mailheaders and it is already built-in in cyrus-imapd


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