Re: Ok, I am ignorant anout ndiswrapper.

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[email protected] said:
> I am clueless about ndiswrapper and what it is use for. I can connect
> to my wireless access point at home and to one at work and as far as I
> know I have not used ndiswrapper. What am I missing?
If you don't know and your WiFi stuff is already working, then
you probably don't need it. :)

> Is it for only certain wireless cards, or for certain environments
> using wireless cards , or what?
Basically, it allows you to use your Windows network card driver as a
loadable driver under Linux by implementing a large portion of its
kernel and NDIS interfaces. While this is not incredibly useful for
cabled ethernet cards (a good majority, if not all, of these have native
Linux drivers), it *is* useful in many situations such as with various
wireless ethernet cards, which do not have native Linux drivers and
do not have Linux support from the manufacturer in any way. While in
most cases one can simply go out and buy replacement hardware, this
is beneficial for those who use laptops or "built-in" wireless ethernet
cards whose chipsets currently do not function natively under Linux.

Many older (802.11b and earlier, like the Orinoco and Prism) cards
are natively supported with open source drivers, and even some
newer cards (like the Prism54 and Intel PRO/Wireless) are
supported with open source drivers and binary-only firmware.

> I will settle to be pointed to a document that explains all this.
NdisWrapper's site[1] has some documentation you may like to look at. :)


Hope that helps!
Peter Gordon (codergeek42)
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