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On Sat, 2006-03-11 at 10:12 -0600, [email protected] wrote:
> > At least the feature is realized now or ready for FC5. I use the right 
> > click a lot to find features hidden on other operating systems. I guess 
> > right clicking for Linux is becoming similar to find useful options.
> > 
> > Yes, contacting the developer through bugzilla is more productive than 
> > overpopulating the list with point-counterpoint battles.
> > 
> > I used battle on public lists over MS vs. Linux and battles were similar 
> > on outcome. I probably converted 2 over to my view while having another 
> > thousand holding onto what they were accustomed to.
> > 
> > Unless we were to redesign the installer ourselves, battling on the list 
> >  would only add more clicks to the reading of other Fedora issues on 
> > the list. The installer would still not handle easier installation or a 
> > more complete installation of what is available from the install media.
> > 
> > This feature should positively stand out in the "highly read" release 
> > notes. would flashing text be too much?
> > 
> > Jim
> I don't what you definition of productive is but this bugzilla was
> not very productive in my view. Just to say that is the way it is
> and install everything will never come back is not very responsive.
the response also pointed out that you could right click on the group
and 'select all' or 'select none' for the group. All right, so it takes
8 clicks instead of 1 click to 'install everything' now...not a big

What you don't get from the bugzilla entry but can get from parsing the
developers list is that they are trying to shed packages from Fedora
Core and push them out to 'Extras' and make 'core' truly just the core
and 'install everything' is less valuable as they succeed in doing that.
What you don't get if you don't read the developers list is what is that
they don't even agree on what is meant by 'install everything' - where
some might interpret it to mean every package, others thought it
shouldn't include every language pack under the sun for every package
and as you consider the impact of this, you begin to get the
point...'install everything' was never really clear about it's purpose
at the outset.


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