Re: Kademlia on aMule always firewalled

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Paul Smith wrote:
Thanks, Pedro. Regarding the need of port forwarding, I have:

External port	Interface	Virtual IP	Protocol	Port
4662		PPPoE	TCP		4662
4665		PPPoE	UDP		4665
4672		PPPoE	UDP		4672

My firewall configuration is

ACCEPT  net     $FW     tcp     4662
ACCEPT  net     $FW     udp     4672,4665,4662

I cannot see what is wrong.
I've tested amule here. Using the same configuration I use on emule when using windows and it worked. There's one detail though.. It took almost 30 minutes for it to stop saying I was firewalled. Maybe it's just a case of waiting and see, since you got all the configuration right...
Pedro Macedo

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