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Christofer C. Bell wrote:
On 2/23/06, Mike McCarty <[email protected]> wrote:

Christofer C. Bell wrote:

is this, Les (and others): "I do not care what they do to be in the
clear legally, I think they're in the moral wrong."

I think dousing your wife in gasoline and setting her on fire when
you're bored with her and want to marry someone else is morally wrong.
Well, you're getting a little bit extreme, aren't you?


Oh, and now I see what you meant in your private e-mail!

Yeah, I'm just pointing out that people will disagree on moral issues
I don't think we disagree on moral issues, at least I haven't
seen so. We both seem to feel pretty strongly that stealing
someone else' property or efforts is *wrong*.

and that's the only really extreme example I could think of that I
knew everyone would "get", would "see the side of the person that
believes it's wrong."  Like one guy earlier in the thread said, "just
because something is legal doesn't make it right."
And, just because something isn't legal, doesn't make it wrong!

But the basis for law in the USA at least is the morality of
Jdaism and Christianity.


I still think what they're doing is wrong and I won't use it or
recommend it.  Obviously a fair lot of you think it's just peachy to
get RHEL for free.  Cool, knock yourselves out.
Well, see my reply to what you said in response to Craig. He's a
very sharp guy, and picked up on something I missed in this

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