Re: can an access point connect through an access point?

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On Sun January 29 2006 10:25 am, Chasecreek Systemhouse earlier:
> The AP at the Microsoft PC needs to be on 2 networks: the pc wired
> side is say 192.168.2 and the WAN AP is 192.168.1 as well as the
> default route for the pc.
and then, a bit later
> bridging is a consequence of going from wan to lan.   there is an
> implied  hop and a ip address difference.
Still trying to figure out your first reply. How can the remote PC be on two 
networks? It's not physically connected. It's only connection is through the 
cat5 cable connecting it to my secondary access point. Ah, but you say that 
the AP has to be on two networks; but, how is that possible? It has one 
configuration screen where you can configure an IP address; the button for 
that screen is labeled  "LAN". If there's a second IP address for the 
wireless side of the device, it's not configurable... 

There's a conceptual gap in my understanding still (I'm plowing through many 
google hits to try to lessen the gap). I'd thought of AP's as slight 
variations of wired hubs. Plug them in, give them an IP address that 
corresponds to the network topology, configure security, and then, the device 
was merely acting as a two-way pipe between computers - there's obviously 
more to it...

Claude Jones
Bluemont, VA, USA

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