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Bob Gustafson <[email protected]> wrote:
Check out the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. Mine arrived yesterday morning
and it is pretty neat. Has OS (reportably Debian Linux) on Flash. Linux
Journal cover article of last month.

Wow! Nice! <drools> It's a little small for my purposes, amazingly enough alot of reading disabiled inamtes need only a pair of corrective lenses for far-sightedness, most are not examined for that condition, only near-sightedness (stand back 20 feet and read the chart on the wall bullshit)  but I headed over to Nokia to see what they can come up with, so thanks for the heads up!

The stylus could be used as a weapon, (they won't even allow kindergarden no-cut sissors in there!) traded for coffee or rollups, or potentially stolen by those who aren't successf! ully treated yet. <cackles>   

So, I want to keep the package to one largish (not easily hidden) item that could be used while lying down in a bunk or in the day-room, or even outside, if in close enough proximity to a wireless transmitter. The screen should be large enough to be used for several hour a day sessions without eyestrain, and allow full comprehension. That's the meat of the matter, clearly getting a message across. I'd like to see a display of about 8X10, at the least. And gorilla proof. Take no offense at that last statement, some of my best friends are gorillas.  Ric

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