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2006/1/25, [email protected] [email protected]:

One of the observed "features" to rhgb is that when one of the services takes a "long time", the screen makes a context switch to text mode and displays as it's last line the initialization of the swap space, when in fact that was "ages ago" in the boot process.  This has caused many to assume that there is a "swap space" problem when in fact there is not.  Of course, swap space problems are not entirely unheard of, but we need to better narrow it down.
I agree with your observation: I see the "Activating SWAP " line with the usual "[ Ok ]" at bottom, so the I'm sure the swap is already activated.

Your best bet in troubleshooting boot time problems is to eliminate "rhgb" from the kernel line in /boot/grub/grub.conf so you can see each of the text lines as they happen and truly know where in the boot process you are experiencing a "hang".  If the boot problem is even earlier in the boot process, I would also recommend removing the word "quiet" from that same kernel line.  Once you know what service you are stopping on, we can begin to investigate the problem....
Thank for the suggestion for investigate the problem. As I've already stated, I observe this randomly and not so frequently.

Alessandro Brezzi

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