Re: FC3 system hangs using firefox scrollbar

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At 4:37 PM -0500 11/16/05, Deron Meranda wrote:
>Within the past couple weeks I have an FC3 system which periodically
>locks up hard occasionally.  This has happened about four times so
>far, and usually happens exactly when I'm clicking and/or dragging on
>my Firefox's vertical scroll bar.  The system locks really hard; all
>activity stops, cursor doesn't move, network is unresposive, and all
>control-alt sequences do nothing.
>This system has been very stable until recently, so I am wondering
>if it might be related to some recent update.  It is running the SMP
>kernel 2.6.12-1.1381_FC3smp, a single-chip Xeon with hyperthreading.
>If it matters, the mouse is USB with a scrollwheel, but I've not seen
>any USB problems before.
>Has anybody seen anything like this; and is there anything I can
>do to get more information.  Since it happens so infrequently, it's
>tough to reproduce.
>BTW, I also have another FC3 system (UP Athlon) which has been
>experiencing hard lockups every third or fourth day for the past few
>weeks as well (very stable before that), but it usually locks up when
>left unattended.

If you suspect a recent update, try rebooting with the previous kernel.
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