Re: Sound card for two applications

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on 11/10/2005 04:59 AM Bob Marcan wrote:
is can help

Regards, Bob

Going deeper ...
People, be honest with this poor guy. All these alsa-dmix
recommendations will not work because when you read the link
The Dmix Howto
1. Install aoss, alsaplayer, mpg321

you find out that there is no alsa-oss package available for fc4. Because some smart guy decided that it is obsolete and it is better to move all the software from using oss to alsa. But for some reason he forgot to ask skype/realplayer/flashplugin people about that. And it appears that they just dont care...
the instructions from skype faq:
artsdsp -m ./skype
esddsp ./skype

dont work either, and never did. I'm an experienced user of all skype and wrapping the skype by esd never worked on any fedora core.
So cut this crap and be brave enough to realize the truth.

Oleksandr Korneta

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