Re: Linux killer!

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on 10/30/2005 10:01 AM Gene Heskett wrote:

> But, FF goes away when I quit that window, and brings up its
> crash report form, doing this 100% of the time in 5 attempts now.
> Linux of course, kernel 2.6.14 final, latest FireFox 1.07.
> I note that I've saved one .wmv file here, something my kids sent me and
> that I can play it, and quit it without incident.  Only the cnn or
> possibly net based inputs crash it.
I also had similar issue. The solution seems to be that you have to stop
 the movie (using mplayer-plugin control buttons) before you close the
ff window or toolbar. It works for me. Otherwise ff crashes. This is
sort of workaround not the permanent solution, obviously that bug has to
be fixed.

> Anybody have a good site to double check this with?

Oleksandr Korneta

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