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> On Mon, 2005-09-12 at 17:51 +0100, James Wilkinson wrote:
> Personally, I have found that F-Prot is great.  I have messed around
> with Clamav and it worked for a while but then crapped out.  Not only
> that, you had to mess around way too much to get it to do a thorough
> scan.  F-prot has great documentation, updates are frequent, and it just
> plain works.  Highly recommend it.

Unfortunately, F-Prot is not Free/Open-source. According to what I could
find on their site, it's only free (as in "no cost") for personal
workstation use. It's for this reason that I recommend not using it at
all. However, the final decision is yours to make: if you want to use
proprietary software, you have the right to do so (presuming, of course,
that you obtain it legally, etc.). 

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