mobo upgrade advice?

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Hello all,

I have a gigi-byte Athlon that is now just too tired for what I want to do. I 
plan to install my new asus main board and new cpu and ram. The old mobo has 
a Riva TNT2 16 meg video card, the new one, an A7V400-MX has on-board video. 
Both motherboards have NIC, audio built in. ADSL connection to the net.

My inclination is to just bolt up the new parts sans disk until it works, then 
attach a bootable IDE drive and see what develops. FC3 up to date. CRT 
monitor, Adaptec controller and Seagate SCSI  drive.

I don't really have a decent backup solution (hds full of music and videos far 
larger than DVD capacity), so what do people recommend? Should I expect 
Fedora to become non-functional?


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