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<quote who="Scot L. Harris">
> On Tue, 2005-08-09 at 17:00, AragonX wrote:
>> I recently had a problem with some employees and now management wants to
>> track just about everything.  There are two things that I really need:
>> 1)  We use Squirrelmail for both local and remote email.  Now management
>> wants to track where all emails are sent from and even to keep a copy of
>> all emails for a set period of time.
>> Is this easy to do and how would I go about it?
> Have not done that with squirrelmail but did implement milter-bcc on a
> sendmail system.  This copied all messages going out to a designated
> mailbox.
> Depending on the MTA used this may be easier or more difficult.
> Also understand that this only covers email sent through your MTA
> server.  If users utilize email clients that bypass your MTA you won't
> be able to copy those messages.  You can attempt to block usage of
> things like gmail or yahoo mail but users can still use anonymous
> proxies to get to such systems.
> Make sure you have addressed the HR type issues by having this policy
> placed in the company employee guide and passed by legal.  Doing this
> may present problems in certain states or countries.

We have a great acceptable usage policy.  The problem is, management is
hesitant to enforce it.  They want concrete proof that the persons who's
computers are constantly being infected is being done by the person the
computer is assigned to.

We are using Sendmail and procmail for our mail system.  Squirrelmail uses
imap, I don't know if that makes tracking where the email was sent from
easier or harder?

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