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Sam Williams wrote:
Dear people,

I had RealPlayer installed, running nicely, included in KDE and Gnome
menus, and when I said Open to an MP3 file it would invoke RP and play
it.  Recently ran up2date and RealPlayer disappeared from menus, desktop
and also disappeared from whatever list tells OS what to do with an MP3
type of file--it now opens Helix player that pops up error message
saying I should use RealPlayer.

Found realplayer files several places on disk, tried to reinstall.  But,
it said that RP was already installed and then stopped.  I'd be happy to
un-install then reinstall if I knew how.  Wouldn't mind fixing Helix so
it would do the job.  Just want to play my MP3s.  Please tell me how.



The latest HelixPlayer update overwrote the menu entry for RealPlayer.

I recommend you get the latest version of RealPlayer (10.0.4) which
addresses some security vulnerabilities. See here:

Once you get the latest RealPlayer rpm file, you can update your
RealPlayer installation with the rpm -Uvh command.

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