Windows/Linux LAN Issue

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On the FC3 PC sambashare is installed. The other 2 Windoze PCs
show up on the Linux PC LAN and one Windoze PC has been
tested for access to files. However, as the Windoze PCs are
NTFS, how would an Open Office file be moved back and forth
between them?

Presently, I can't get the FC3 machine to invoke economode
(toner-saver) on the LAN HP4L, even though that setting
is available and has been selected.

I've parked a test file in the Linux PC sambashare folder - the
place I'd heard it needed to be. However, as the Windoze2kPro
machine can't even see the Linux machine on the WIndows
network, what's the point?

The W2KPro PC has the external ADSL router modem and
all machine access the www without problems.


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