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There's baitmail on which strips black listed attachments from messages before users open messages or so it claims.

On Tue, 1 Mar 2005, Michael Fleming wrote:

Michael Leung writes:

 Hi all,
   Pervious, I have installed POSTFix + SpamAssassin. They are doing
 the job very well. They can stop the spammer sending Virus and spam.
 But there is still a leak in email server. If one of our user got the
 email contains virus from a person he/she knows, not spammer,
 SpamAssassin may not stop this. So I have installed Clam AV. Does any
 one try to config it with POSTFIX + SpamAssanin? Would it be very
 slow? The message has to pass spamd and clamd.

You would be best to look at setting up amavis-new, which will integrate both Spamassassin and ClamAV (or many other anti-virus programs) cleanly and without the issues you've raised (which are mostly configuration or implementation of your local filtering)


Cheers, Michael.

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