Re: The Best ADSL Modem?

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regatta writes:


After more than 13 years of using dial-up to connect to Internet I am
planning right now to use ADSL and I am searching right now for the
best ADSL modem that support Linux very good.

I don't need an expensive one , I want it to be fast modem and support Linux .

I hope it doesn't support windows :)

Instead of searching for the right ADSL modem, you should be searching for the right ADSL provider.

The right ADSL provider will give you an external ADSL modem with a standard
10Base-T port, and all you need to do is plug a cat-5 cable into the modem,
and any Linux-supported network card (of which there's no shortage of
choice).  You will also not required to screw around with PPPoE, or any
similar nonsense.

I recommend Speakeasy, after five years, and two different circuits.  They
are more expensive then the garden variety âhere's some convoluted ADSL PCI
card, and here our XP-only drivers, loaded with spyware and other garbageâ
ADSL providers.  If you call for technical support and tell them you run
Linux they will probably be able to help you; if not, they still won't react
as if you grew a third eye on your forehead.

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